The Employment Crisis Also Impacts on Executives

Undoubtedly, executives are among those who are paying the price for the crisis on employment that Argentina is undergoing: reduction in managerial structures; more functions in the hands of fewer directors; cutback or elimination of annual bonuses; reduction or cancellation of stock options plans; decrease in special benefits; and worst of all, pay rises well below inflation rate for salaries in Argentina pesos, and a cut in the amount of salaries in US dollars.

Published in El Cronista on October 19, 2018
We start from the premise that all forecasts point to an inflation rate well above 40%, even reaching 45%.

Surveys carried out by the most qualified consulting firms up to August show that pay rises for 2018 for middle management average 24% with a ceiling of 28% and a 19% floor. Historically, these data have served as a point of reference, knowing full well that there is a margin of error that sometimes may be significant. The main reason to take precautions is the reliability of the information processed, which is often biased depending on the company, according to the means and limitations of each one of them to provide confidential information.

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La crisis laboral tambien impacta en los ejecutivos

Los ejecutivos son parte de los que han pagado un alto precio en la crisis laboral que se vive en la Argentina.

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Viernes 19 de octubre de 2018
La reducción de la estructura gerencial, la concentración de cargos en menor cantidad de directivos, la rebaja o pérdida de los bonus anuales, la reducción o eliminación de los planes de stock options, la reducción de beneficios especiales, y lo peor de todo, ajustes de salarios muy inferiores a la inflación para los salarios en pesos, y rebaja en la cantidad para los salarios en dólares.

Partamos de la premisa de que todas las estimaciones de inflación ya superan con holgura el 40%, muchas de ellas están llegando al 45%,

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