Leaders and Challenges in a Context of Stagflation and Uncertainty

Singularity University and Stanford University with their open lectures have redesigned and are still adjusting the profile and skills of the leader of the future, who is precisely the leader that any private, partially government-owned, social and public entities and organizations need right now.

Published in El Cronista on April 16, 2019
Transparency, integrity, suitability, aptitude, attitude, proactivity, productivity, empathy, openness, persistence, resilience, autonomy, interdependence, interaction, communication, responsiveness, diversity, inclusion, equality, charisma, generosity, assertiveness, humbleness, advice, and exemplariness are some of the skills of a design, creative and innovative leader.

We should inevitable face the impact of new technologies on everyday life with an exponential evolution, democratization and generalization, transforming human labor vis-à-vis machine learning and AI, blockchain and cryptocurrency, paperlessness and de-bureaucratization, the unavoidable advance of robotics, automation, cybernetics and computers. Seguir leyendo Leaders and Challenges in a Context of Stagflation and Uncertainty

En el marco del Comité de Recursos Humanos de AmCham Córdoba, los invitamos a participar de la reunión del 24 de Abril


09.00 – 11.00

  • Panorama 2019 en material salarial y sindical
  • Reforma y blanqueo Laboral
  • Nuevas tendencias tecnológicas
  • Nuevos escenarios de la economía colaborativa (Rappi, Glovo)

Dr. Julián de Diego
Director del Estudio de Diego y Asociados

Miércoles     24/04

Sheraton Salón Suquía

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