Traumatic Impact of PASO Results on the Labor Market

In his memoirs José de San Martín wrote: “Arrogance is a disability that usually affects poor and unhappy mortals who are suddenly given by a bit of power”. Autism, overvaluation, isolation, deaf ears are some of the defects that have led to ignoring or misunderstanding citizens’ needs, especially those of the most vulnerable sectors.

Published in El Cronista on August 20, 2019
The retired, the unemployed, people who are excluded or below the poverty and indigence line, the disabled, small entrepreneurs, SMEs with less than ten workers, retail businesses, those who have lost their middle-class status and fallen into poverty, all of them -and many more- have been hit by the decisions taken by the current Administration, driving them into poverty, forcing them to shut down their businesses, or simply causing them to lose their jobs or do precarious and occasional work.

Industrial companies in general have continued to reduce their workforce and production with the opening of imports, increasing tax pressure, and today those that have survived have more than 50% idle installed capacity. Seguir leyendo Traumatic Impact of PASO Results on the Labor Market