The Taboo of the Labor Reform in Pre-election Times

The Labor Reform gets a really bad press in electoral campaigns even though it is one of the pillars of the future of Argentina. Both candidates and leading figures are participating with a statement that contains a fallacy. It is really exotic how they use their ability to shirk their responsibility to deal with the necessary proposals under today’s circumstances, and draw on multiple resources to hide or simulate reality.

Published in El Cronista on October 15, 2019
In the vicissitudes of the supposed social pact, it is said that companies and unions agree on basic terms. However, their statements show traps, contradiction and especially, lack of conviction.

Curiously enough, the industry takes on commitments that have nothing to do with its grievances, such as respect for freedom of association, a tripartite view of labor law (State, Unions and Companies), and the need to revise special rules and regulations. Now with CTA [Argentine Workers’ Central Union] as a part of CGT [Workers’ General Confederation], social movements and left-wing groups aspiring to hold specific powerful positions, there is little chance that what they say may come true. Seguir leyendo The Taboo of the Labor Reform in Pre-election Times