Coronavirus Raises Concerns at Companies

Argentina is facing an early start of the influenza and dengue season with confirmed cases, and also confronting the threat of the coronavirus (COVID-19) with infected people coming from endemic areas or countries where the virus is active.

Published in El Cronista on March 03, 2020
Take China, for instance, that has virtually stopped many businesses as a result of measures that affect whole regions that are isolated in quarantine and militarized. There is a complicated panorama with confirmed cases and an increasing rate of infection and death in Iran, Italy, Spain, Japan, France, Congo, India, Thailand due to business trips or tourism; many crowded events have been cancelled, and meetings or large gatherings have been prohibited. In these last couple of hours shocking news have broken indicating that the Louvre Museum has decided to close as a prevention measure, and Tokyo Olympics or other sporting events that attract crowds are endangered. Seguir leyendo Coronavirus Raises Concerns at Companies