The Supreme Court Starts to Limit Workers’ Reinstatement

Emergency Executive Order No. 329/2020 banned employment termination without cause, for economic reasons due to lack of work or reduction in operations or for force majeure. The initial term of 60 days has been extended by Emergency Executive Order No. 487 for a total period of 180 days.

In line with this ban, Labor Courts have ordered workers’ reinstatement in a number of cases through interim relief in the context of amparo actions [amparo: constitutional action alleging the violation of rights committed by the government or by a court of law; in federal rules of procedure, constitutional proceedings with no exact equivalence under U.S. law.]

Article by Julián A. de Diego published in El Cronista on June 9, 2020 Seguir leyendo The Supreme Court Starts to Limit Workers’ Reinstatement

La Corte establece limites a las reincorporaciones. Nota El Cronista

El DNU 329-2020 dispuso la prohibición de despedir sin causa, o por causas económicas de falta o disminución de trabajo o por fuerza mayor.

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Publicado en El Cronista, 9 de junio de 2020

Por Julián A. de Diego
Por Julián A. de Diego

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