28 junio 2021

Employment in Argentina has suffered irreparable harm. Published in La Nación

Job destruction and claims for pay rises are part of the agenda for companies: What does Julián de Diego, lawyer specialized in labor and employment law, think about it?

Some 1.2 million job positions have been lost, and may not be recovered, explains Julián de Diego, who analyzed the situation of the world of labor during the HR Summit organized by La Nación.

Article by Julián A. de Diego published in La Nación on June 27, 2021

“The second half of this year is expected to be quite hectic; companies will be dealing with a highly restrictive scenario in terms of productivity and profitability, and unions will demand pay rises not only to keep up with inflation but also to try and beat it by 2 or 3 percentage points, and there is also the additional factor that this is an electoral year”, says Julián de Diego.

He describes that “in Argentina one third of the economic activity is undergoing a delicate, serious situation; another third is surviving; and the remaining third is doing fine”. According to him, the agricultural sector is well positioned, and even though no new positions are created, the existing jobs are being reactivated; the sectors that are surviving need help from the Government, who right now is holding it back, and the third group is sinking, going out of business, with shutdowns and poor sales.”  With this panorama, de Diego anticipates that “we going to have an extremely harsh second half because 60% of the economy will be undergoing a delicate situation, in particular around election time”.

Por Julián A. de Diego
Por Julián A. de Diego

Fundador y Titular del estudio “de Diego & Asociados”.  Abogado, Doctor en Ciencias Jurídicas.