25 noviembre 2021

The future of work depends on a return to growth. Published on

By and large the future of emerging countries depends on their participation in the international scene, using exponential technologies, based on transformation algorithms, working closely with the importing countries of commodities and exports, honoring and fulfilling the agreements and commitments that the national authorities have taken on.

Article by Julián A. de Diego published on on November 25, 2021

The significant fall in employment under the current administration is virtually the same as the one we had under the previous administration four years ago, and those who have been adversely affected know they need to work because government assistance just perpetuates misery, marginalization and exclusion.

The debacle was caused by a disastrous combination of legacy stagflation, the Covid-19 pandemic and the paralysis of the entire economy due to government decisions.

In any case, the global crisis as a result of the pandemic was not wholly negative as it triggered a technological revolution, based on remote work in lieu of in-person work, which truly led to a metamorphosis in the social, economic and even political structure of the world as a living creature that changes its material and physiological structure until reaching maturity, and promoted telework as a subsystem.

Leaving aside the many diagnoses that can be made but do not give any of the solutions that the market needs, we should undertake structural reforms based on the following premises:

A.        Lift any rules that restrict or limit growth and development, especially with a view to encouraging exports;

B.        Promote genuine job growth through major payroll tax reforms;

C.        Advocate  a revolutionary educational reform to promote digital literacy for students and orient secondary education towards new technologies

D.        Create new mechanisms, such as the Termination and Unemployment Fund or dual education institutions

E.        Introduce new ways of organizing work through Apps, which should be regulated with its own legal system offering legal security for the interested parties;

F.         Develop small and medium-sized companies, as incubators or startups to build up new business;

G.        Bridge the gap and help the excluded finish their elementary mandatory studies after dropping out of school, with an emergency educational system that offers specialized job opportunities;

H.        The State must limit itself to fulfilling its non-delegable duties while building consensus with all sectors, including education, justice and security, leaving the management of all functional, operational, industrial and service activities to the private sector;

I.          The State must go paperless, automate processes as much as possible, and optimize services for the community by de-bureaucratizing;

J.          The State must promote scientific research, the development of medicine and applied science, and the generation of new horizons for AI;

K.        Undertake tax, labor and social security reforms, and ensure the freedom to generate business to regain confidence gradually and eliminate the current widespread uncertainty with the aim of reactivating the economy.

What can be expected in the workplace in 2022:

A.        Unions will continue to push to get pay rises according to accrued inflation, with some exceptions among the most combative unions who expect to surpass it by two or three percentage points;

B.        Nobody thinks about the paradigm of productivity in labor matters or a relevant labor reform, which are absolutely essential;

C.        Conflicts will focus on how to survive this crisis, where companies are heavily in debt with the Tax Authority (AFIP), their suppliers and banks;

D.        The stars of the future will most certainly be the «unicorns», which develop exponential technologies and soon AI, and recruit new professionals in computing, engineering, robotics and nanorobotics;

E.        Health care companies will follow suit, because after experiencing the global crisis of the pandemic, where the entire world proved to have huge difficulties in combating this invisible enemy, they are now entirely devoted to new vaccines and curative medicine;

F.         Food companies and those working in primary production will be next in order, along with new manufactures, plant and animal production free of pesticides and polluting substances, and without transgenic components;

G.        New horizons will open up for different types of renewable energies, electric and self-driving vehicles;

H.        Robotics at all aspects of life will produce substitutions, along with different «unique» products.

When our own problems and conflicts are analyzed as if they were alien to us, we are faced with a psychological phenomenon called Projection. This mechanism has taken hold of political leaders, those who govern and those who wish to govern as well. Strictly speaking, problems and conflicts lie within ourselves only, and I’m sure dialogue and consensus will help us overcome this decadence and then find the path to progress, sustained growth, and prosperity.

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