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The Fragile Survival of Businesses in the Short Run

David Steindl-Rast is a Benedictine monk who praises gratitude as a source of happiness and interaction between spirituality and science. He says that when faced with a crisis or when at a crossroads, the following three steps should be taken: 1. Stop. 2. Look around and explore the place. 3. Go, move forward quietly, intelligently and with a feasible strategy.

Published in El Cronista on March 31, 2020
This is the right time to stop the hectic pace of our active life, and analyze the current freeze of activities, knowing full well that this is a mandatory truce from which we cannot escape.

This is the time to create conditions to endure the damages that are unavoidable, and to this end it is indispensable to make a common effort.

The State at the municipal, provincial and national levels must bring unions, NGOs, social stakeholders, companies and entities together to design the resources and means to get to the end of this pandemic and ensure a gradual and slow recovery to repair the serious damage to our public health and people, the economy in general and society as a whole, from where a new global, regional and national economic order will undoubtedly emerge. Seguir leyendo The Fragile Survival of Businesses in the Short Run

La frágil supervivencia de la empresas en el corto plazo

David Steindl Rast, monje benedictino que pregona la gratitud como fuente de la felicidad y la interacción entre la espiritualidad y la ciencia, dice que frente a una crisis o una encrucijada se deben seguir los siguientes pasos: 1. Stop, deténgase; 2. Look arround (to explore a place), mire a su alrededor y analice alternativas; 3. Go, avance con serenidad inteligencia y con una estrategia plausible.

Publicado en El Cronista, 31 de marzo de 2020
Es este un buen momento para detener la vorágine de nuestra vida activa, analizar el congelamiento actual de la actividad, sabiendo que tenemos una tregua obligatoria a la que no podemos escapar.

Es un momento de crear las condiciones para que los daños sean los imprescindibles, para lo cual es imprescindible un esfuerzo común. Seguir leyendo La frágil supervivencia de la empresas en el corto plazo

Preventive Action at the Workplace Against Coronavirus

It took too long for the world to react and take measures against the epidemic first, and against the pandemic now. As a matter of fact, nothing can be done but prevent and avoid contagion through collective and individual actions. The 14-day quarantine must be observed strictly, and the familiar and social environment should be monitored.

Published in El Cronista on March 17, 2020
From a labor and employment law perspective, a plague is a case of force majeure, an unpredictable or inevitable event.

Consequently, the Employment Contract Act contains a number of provisions to deal with such an event. Seguir leyendo Preventive Action at the Workplace Against Coronavirus

Medidas preventivas de las empresas ante coronavirus.

Todos actuaron por precaución en forma tardía para evitar la epidemia primero y la pandemia hoy. En rigor, nada se puede hacer salvo prevenir y evitar con acciones colectivas e individuales contra el contagio. La cuarentena de catorce (14) días debe cumplirse rigurosamente, y además habrá que vigilar el entorno familiar y social.

Publicado en El Cronista, 17 de marzo de 2020
En el plano estrictamente del trabajo dependiente una plaga se trata de una hipótesis de fuerza mayor tratándose de un evento imprevisto o que si se hubiere previsto resulta inevitable.

En función de ello, una batería de mecanismos se activan en la Ley de Contrato de Trabajo.

El primero de ellos la suspensión por fuerza mayor (art. 221, LCT) que establece el plazo máximo de 75 días, comenzando por el personal menos antiguo, y con los ingresados en un semestre, por los que cuenten con menores cargas de familia,  y en conjunto con las suspensiones por causas disciplinarias y económicas que también se pueden invocar en algún caso, no pueden superar en conjunto los 90 días (art.222 LCT). Seguir leyendo Medidas preventivas de las empresas ante coronavirus.

Coronavirus Raises Concerns at Companies

Argentina is facing an early start of the influenza and dengue season with confirmed cases, and also confronting the threat of the coronavirus (COVID-19) with infected people coming from endemic areas or countries where the virus is active.

Published in El Cronista on March 03, 2020
Take China, for instance, that has virtually stopped many businesses as a result of measures that affect whole regions that are isolated in quarantine and militarized. There is a complicated panorama with confirmed cases and an increasing rate of infection and death in Iran, Italy, Spain, Japan, France, Congo, India, Thailand due to business trips or tourism; many crowded events have been cancelled, and meetings or large gatherings have been prohibited. In these last couple of hours shocking news have broken indicating that the Louvre Museum has decided to close as a prevention measure, and Tokyo Olympics or other sporting events that attract crowds are endangered. Seguir leyendo Coronavirus Raises Concerns at Companies